Interactive story about World War ll
through the eyes of a child

Torn Away — is a story-driven adventure game.

Persevere through the harsh elements of nature, hide and evade soldiers, look for shelter and food in order to survive.
In a war-torn world where violence and terror reign, you have to stay strong. You have to survive without losing what makes us human.
  • A game about war with a non-violent protagonist
  • A blend of story-driven adventure gameplay, a side-scroller, and cinematic first-person sequences
  • A unique view on the tragedy of war from a child's perspective
  • Based on children's war diaries
  • A beautiful art style inspired by social realists and French animation

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Europe is engulfed in the flames of World War II.

The War destroyed many lives, now coming for Asya,
an ordinary ten-year-old girl, torn away from home.
Like millions of others, she is destined to become
an Ostarbeiter, a faceless labor camp worker.

Asya cannot fight and does not want to.

She wants to go home.
Together with the player, Asya will have to cross all of Germany and Poland to try to get back to her family. Survive in the woods, sneak through the ruins and hide from people with machine guns. Don't forget the simple joys of childhood
that await you at home: delicious dinners, toys, and music.

Even in a world at war, you will find support in others
with similarly difficult fates.

Will you be able to keep hope alive and return
to your homeland?