perelesoq is a small game development studio.

We came together to tell people emotional stories with video games vocabulary.
We don’t try to make super popular entertainment products that will be loved by everyone. Instead, we are focused on captivating those who value thoughtful storytelling, authentic visuals and expressive music.

Meet our team!
  • creative director
    Creator with experience in game design, art, storytelling and marketing.

    Writer & Director of Torn Away.

    Author of Will it ever end?, featured by App Store in 16 countries.

    Producer of The Darkest Woods game series, the indie game of the week on App Store

    Author of a popular russian gamedev blog.
  • narrative designer, writer
    Over 10 years in interactive design
    and screenwriting.
    One of the writers and directors Russia's first VR film «The Kessler Effect».
    Director and screenwriter at the interactive storytelling studio Lateral Summer.

  • Nata Pokrovskaya
    narrative designer, writer

    Director and screenwriter at the interactive storytelling studio Lateral Summer.

    Over 10 years of experience in copywriting

    and advertising.

    Works with interactive storytelling in cinema and AR/VR.

  • Nikita Kartsev


    Film critic and screenwriter, creative producer of the web series about cybersports.
  • Vladimir Solovev


    Technical game designer and Unity developer.

    Game Jam enthusiast with strong production experience at Saber Interactive and Red Machine Games.

    Worked on PAPERHEAD.

  • Anzor Pasechnik,
    Outstanding game designer also experienced
    in level design and Unity3D programming.

    Worked as game designer at Ice-Pick Lodge.
  • Anastasia Smirnova
    level designer
    Talented 3D artist.
    Worked as level designer on our friends Watt Studio's One Day More.

  • Fedor Titov
    concept artist
    Visual development artist and illustrator
    in one creative person.
  • Olesia Lihodeeva,
    community manager
    Small community manager for a potentially large community.
  • Ella Abukarova
    project manager
    A project manager with extensive experience
    in education and digital.
    She has organized work on projects of SETTERS EDUCATION and Makelove agency.

  • Vlad Trubitsyn
    lead gamedesigner
    6 years in the gaming industry
    Technical director of Torn Away
    Developer and game designer with extensive work profile.
  • Fedor Shchukin
    technical artist

    Game designer with expertise in tech art

    and 3D.

  • Alexander Zhirov
    gamedesigner, unity developer

    A talented developer with passion about

    his work.

  • Eduard Chekukha
    unity developer
    Beginner developer ready for big vertices.